Welcome Learners of all Shapes, Types, and Sizes

I love the possibilities that modern technology can bring to learners in and out of the classroom.  I am starting this blog to discuss the ways in which technology can expand the influence and resources of learners.

What is a learner?
You are. Well… you probably are. Students are obviously learners but faculty and staff or any information professional are too! Malone University is a learning community. We teach and we learn through sharing our own ideas and the ideas of those people whom we’ve come into contact and read about.

I believe that all learners have the opportunity to be a resource to the communities to which they belong.

What content can you expect from this forum?
This will be a mix of original content from me and links to resources which I’ve read. Expect to see ideas about using technology in the classroom, strategies for consuming web content effectively, talk about Information Literacy, effective strategies for student collaboration, managing online identities and much much more.

Post Frequency
Like so many blogs, I have a lot I think I have to say. At this point I want to post something at least once a week but I need motivation! Let me know if you are reading and what you think about what I am posting! Knowing my writing is getting read and that it is useful to you will keep the posts coming!

Expect regular posts every Monday morning with the occasional smattering of time-relevant posts throughout the week. You can subscribe to my and other blogs using an RSS Aggregator (my favorite is Google Reader). Expect a post on what RSS and RSS aggregators are and WHY and HOW you should use them. You might also want to follow me on Twitter. That will contain links to this blog as well as other “stuff” which I have found and like on the web. I use my twitter feed for personal and professional items I ‘like’. Subscribe to that feed expecting everything from cool tech to devotionals that struck a chord with me to stories about a guy sending a balloon in space with a camera and iPhone on it.

Welcome! Come back and comment often!

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