Use of Cell Phones in the Classroom

There is a very interesting conversation which is taking place in the realm of K-12 about the use (or anti-use) of cell phones in the classroom. It seems many of their, and subsequently our, learners would rather text than talk to one another.  The following post from The Innovative Educator blog over at blogspot cites some strategies for effective use of cell phones for things like backchannel communication, polling, dissemination of information, etc.

Here are George Engel, Rob Griffith, Scott Newcomb, Lisa Nielsen, Jason Suter, and Willyn Webb’s 10 Proven Strategies to Break the Ban and Build Opportunities for Student Learning with Cell Phones. How can these be applied in the realm of Higher Education? How can they be applied at Malone?

If you decide to click through to the blog entry, pay special attention to items 2-6, in my opinion they are more relevant to the conversation in higher ed. Lisa Nielson, the owner and curator of the Innovative Educator blog, has a lot of interesting things to say about other educational technologies.

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