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This isn’t your father’s PowerPoint. There are a variety of new presentation tools available to learners nowadays. You might even run across some of these in the classes you attend or teach. There are a variety of services which allow a presenter to share their content online. Here are a few of my favorites as well as a couple which are on my “try out someday” list:

  • Google Presentations (this is part of the Google Apps family and can be found in your Google Docs (Malone link | Others)
  • (this is a Flash based presentation tool and is not so much slide based as it is concept map based)
  • (cloud service provided by Microsoft which allows you to publish your PowerPoint presentations and other Office documents online)
  • (cloud service provided by Apple which allows you to publish your Keynote and other iWork documents online)
  • Slideshare
  • LMS-based sharing of presentations. At Malone this is eCollege/eCompanion. At other places they might use Moodle or Blackboard.

Many of these tools allow you to share to the world or selectively share your presentations to others. Often permissions schemes are set up in three tiers:

  • Share to specific individuals. This is usually done by email address. If they do not already have an account at the service you have chosen, they can sign up for one. This can be a barrier for your presentees for accessing your content.
  • Share with world but only if they have a link. This is limits access to the presentation to only those who have the link to the presentation. I find this level of sharing is good for small presentations or when I am asking for review (RFC: Request For Comments) of a presenation before I publish it to my larger audience.
  • Share with world. This makes your presentation visible and searchable on the Internet.

What is your favorite presentation tool? Why do you like it? Where do you use it?

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